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Keeping Our Care Connected.

Sutter Health keeps our care connected so patients receive personal, coordinated and high-quality care across our integrated network.

Through integration, health systems like Sutter Health support the goals of the Affordable Care Act by continuously improving the quality and value of the healthcare we provide. This gives patients access to a full range of treatments and services—leading to healthier outcomes and lower cost of care.

Vivian’s Story
Davis, SMCS

Tony’s Story
Eden, Mills-Peninsula, CPMC

Jodi’s Story
Brownsville, SMCS

Marv’s Story
Amador, SMCS

Whether it’s easier navigation between providers, personalized attention or shared information, Sutter Health’s integrated network makes the benefits of coordinated care possible.


We are a national leader in healthcare quality with the majority of hospitals and care facilities across Sutter Health’s integrated network outperforming state and national averages in many measures of quality.


Sutter Health provides access to healthcare across urban, suburban and rural communities by offering comprehensive patient services and quality health programs tailored to the diverse communities we serve.


Our integration and focus on best practices reduce medical complications, unnecessary procedures and hospital visits, which helps to lower cost of care for our patients and employers. We have kept rate increases to insurers to less than 3% annually since 2014, despite actual expenses for labor, facilities and technology increasing by an average of 6% each year. U.S. government statistics show average costs for care at Sutter are 7%[1] lower than comparable Northern California hospitals and 17%[2] lower than peer physician groups nationally.

1. The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice; The Dartmouth Atlas Data; Medicare spending per decedent during the last two years of life

2. 2016 CMS Quality and Resource Use Reports for Sutter Health Foundations in Northern California.


Sutter Health’s integrated network invests heavily in research and pilot programs that fuel advancements in our patients’ care and medical research across the country. We spread these innovations and best practices across our connected model of care. This leads to better health outcomes for our patients today and progress toward cures for generations to come.

Young patient smiling while taking newborn baby from doctor.

Valuing Patient Care

Sutter Health’s integrated network provides critical access to high-quality, personal and connected care to more than 3 million Northern Californians.

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Solving Problems

Sutter Health’s connected model of care allows us to step in where others may step out, investing in underserved communities, supporting hospitals, clinics and patients during emergencies and major disasters and opening doors to healthcare that might not otherwise be available.

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Elderly patient smiling while hugging doctor.
Elderly patient smiling while hugging doctor.

Focusing on Affordability

At Sutter Health, we are committed to responsibly managing our resources, including a focus on efficiency and innovation to help control costs and improve affordability and value for our patients.

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News & Resources

Find out more about Sutter Health’s integrated model of care and how we benefit patients and communities in rural, urban and suburban communities across Northern California.

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Older patient and young nurse comfortably sitting together during blood draw.